Kamis, 12 Januari 2017

My trip to Ciwidey

Hello! Long time no see! In this blog, I want to share my vacation to all of you. So, I hope you enjoy it!

So, for holiday last year, my big family and I had plans to vacation in Ciwidey. We agreed to go there on 24-25 December 2016. My little cousin, 5 years old was very enthusiasm and continued counting the remaining days leading Ciwidey.

With a perfect preparation, my big family departed together with three cars in the morning.

day 1
We stopped at a gazebo in the middle of tea gardens. We opened the provision of yellow rice while looking very beautiful for our breakfast. The air is very fresh.

After the meal, My brothers and I challenged to reach the top of the tea hills. We wanted to capture these precious memories.

The weather was very friendly. As planned, the first destination was white crater. The air was very cold but a lovely view over already waiting. We drove by odong odong to reach the hills. Though already old, the car is still strong.

The fog was rising and the view of the crater was very clear and cool.

After we spent a lot of energy, we finally checked in to the hotel at 12am. Hotel in The Valley was very neat and clean. While waiting for afternoon, my cousin and I played in the playground and around the complex of The Valley. After the weather not too hot, my brother and I swimmed in the swimming pool.

day 2
At night, I'm not wearing ac because the air was very cold. I had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, the food was very tasty.

My little cousin forced me to swim again. The water was cooler than yesterday but a little bit more fun.

For lunch, we planned to eating at glamping lakeside, in Patengang lake. The forms of the restaurant was simillar with pinishi ship so this place was very attracted visitors. Then we change the plan to eat in the garden rabbit because the situation was very crowded.

I was very happy because there were a lot of rabbits and I loved rabbits. The food was also good. After eating, my brother and I played with the rabbits.

After we werw satisfied with the rabbits, my extended family and I took a picture together.

This holiday is very memorable for me.

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