Minggu, 26 Februari 2017

Games time

Hello everybody! In this time, my friend and I had a mission to make a game. Yeaay! So, we make a crossword. We hope you enjoy it.


2.  It’s about the high and the weight
4. the area where the fuel is burned in a steam engine
6. characterized by a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence
8. Point of view
10. ... and the beast
12. to (cause to) change position 
14. Oxygen producer in nature
16. A cardinal number 
18. Milk producer, beside cow
20. The prize
22. an activity that is a person’s most important job
24. an object for children to play with
26. To discover
28. Run (V2)


1. Happy face
3. Topic of the day
5. Give food
7. A joke
9. Part of the house
11. A-z
13. Abbreviation for ounce
15. King’s wife
17. Golden age
19. Queen’s husband
21. A part of an animal
23. Trace (simillar)
25. Type of car to carry the goods
27. Part of fish for swim

thank you...

Minggu, 19 Februari 2017

Learn From Nature


            Nature is all around us. The natural world is a huge part of our environment. It may seem like we live entirely in a man-made world. City, Towns, homes, schools, cars, roads, and computers are all made by man. But natural world is all around us, all the time. Nature is everything not creates by humans. But all human creation comes from nature. Nature always supported the activities of living things. Nature always provides all of necessary living creatures. Nature always gives everything without asking for it back. Without nature, we can’t learn. Without nature we can’t live. Without nature, there is no life.

 Oxygen, air, light, water, food, great scenery like aurora, night sky, and mountain derived from nature. Everything we need is came from nature. Nature always protects us, gives us sources of inspiration, stimulates our imagination, release of worry and stress, and sharpens our senses. We must learn from nature because nature was give all the things we needs since we were bon. Nature is always giving a positive  impact. Nature can live without humans. But can human live without nature?
            Nature are the things for relaxing our mind, hiking for example. When I am hiking. My mind relaxing from city crowded and my breath feels so open cause the air are very clean. And my eyes feels so bright, the green theme of nature has bring the nature so beautiful. It was feel so complete when we are visit the nature. But as you can see, so many people who forget where there from and destroy the nature.

            There are so many people who dont care about nature. They ripped of the forest. Burn the savannah for their opportuniy. Create an industry that are make air so dirty. My question to people who dont care about nature are. Are you want to breath from money or what?

            Nature have give so many things that if nature not giving we will be die. And we can see so many people want to ripped off the nature. They are so unforgivable because the nature are human right to enjoy and human duty to protect. If they burn our right to breath then we must fight for it.

            Fight seems a strong word came from the mouth of student like me. Fight is a word for war. And i mean war. But not war like shoot other people or killing. What fight in my minds are we must protect our nature. Just like in our contry indonesia, especially kalimantan

            Every year kalimantan forest have trouble with illegall logging and forest fire. The fires are not naturally but from human hands. They burn forest to open a garden or industry. These things that we must fight. Are we indonesian people not want kalimantan forest beome kalimantan industry field right?

            Kalimantan was heart of the world. If kalimantan forest was ripped of by people who dont cares about nature. So where we would live from? Now  what we must to do are just this simple step. First we must introsopection to ourself, are our daily life have do good for nature or not? Then, we must know what company that they industry not nature convinience. After we know than we must boycott the product, from boycott the company will understand that their costumers are so care about nature and will rethink about their industry. From that simple step at least we doin something for nature, remember that nature will give positive feedback if we doin something positive to nature.