Minggu, 26 Februari 2017

Games time

Hello everybody! In this time, my friend and I had a mission to make a game. Yeaay! So, we make a crossword. We hope you enjoy it.


2.  It’s about the high and the weight
4. the area where the fuel is burned in a steam engine
6. characterized by a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence
8. Point of view
10. ... and the beast
12. to (cause to) change position 
14. Oxygen producer in nature
16. A cardinal number 
18. Milk producer, beside cow
20. The prize
22. an activity that is a person’s most important job
24. an object for children to play with
26. To discover
28. Run (V2)


1. Happy face
3. Topic of the day
5. Give food
7. A joke
9. Part of the house
11. A-z
13. Abbreviation for ounce
15. King’s wife
17. Golden age
19. Queen’s husband
21. A part of an animal
23. Trace (simillar)
25. Type of car to carry the goods
27. Part of fish for swim

thank you...

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