Minggu, 12 Maret 2017

Thank You!

In daily life, there are three magical words.  Please, sorry, and thank you.  We say please if We needed help.  We say sorry if We hurt others.  And We say thank you if anyone comes to help. I want to share the story if We say these three words.

One day, I was late for school because of traffic jams. The first lessons was Chemistry.  My friends told me that I must go to the Chemistry laboratory.  But, I don’t know where is it.  When I confused, along came a boy in the same class with me.  I asked him, “Do you know where is the Chemical Laboratory?” and then he said yes with panting breath. “Please, take me there!” “Of course!” So, the boy and I ran as fast as we can to the chemistry Laboratory.

When we arrived, we confused, because no one there.  I asked him again, “Are you sure here it is?” and he said, “Hehe, I am not sure! I’m sorry.” “Haha, it doesn’t matter. Let’s go find it again!” So, we asked a teacher. He said the Chemistry laboratory is close to my classroom. The boy and I laugh together and ran again to there. Finally, we came very late. Luckily, we did not get yelled at. Before we sat, I said Thank you to him because we have made a short adventure in the morning.  After that, we became friends.

So, If we said three magical words in our life, we could have a lot of friends and an exciting adventure.

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