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Sport Activities in My School


Every years, SMAN 3 Bandung always held sporting event.  And in this years, we are implementing these activities.  23rd March 2017 until 24th March 2017 for eleventh class while 25th March 2017 and 1st April 2017 for tenth class. 8th April just for final. This Sporting Event called Dewa Athena.

Dewa Athena is goddess of wisdom, strategy and war. Athena is also known as the goddess who help the heroes. Athena is a goddess who was born a female adult and never be described as a small child. Athena does not have a husband or lover. According to legend, Athena was the beloved daughter of Zeus, the god of the strongest. His mother was the goddess Metis, who is the goddess of thought and understanding, and known as the goddess of wisdom. Athena endowed by his father's strength, intelligence and wisdom by his mother.

During the 11th grade match, my role as committee documentation. I'm very happy because I like taking a photo so much. As a comittee, there is a shift division. The first shift at 7am to 9am, the second shift at 9am to 11am, the third shift at 11 am to 1pm, and the fourth shift at 1 pm until finished. 

In day one, 23rd March 2017, I get the first and third shift. The first shift, I documented the gobak sodor game at soccer field. While in the third shift, I documented game of tug of war and relay at the soccer field. As long as I documented, I always accompanied by Ayesha.

In day two, 24th March 2017, I get the first and third shift too, but in different place. In first shift, I documented the dodge ball in hall. It is the most thrilling game, because we have to hit someone else with ball or we were hit by ball. At third shift, I documented game of tug of war and relay at the soccer field.

During the 10th grade match, I can't come because I have to do the angklung exercises and following the fourth evaluation in school. But in the morning I joined the opening. KPA 3 (angklung extracurricular in SMAN 3 Bandung) will hold a concert soon. at 9 am to 12 am, I do exercises of angklung that have trained before. then connected with a break. at 1 pm to 3 pm, I exercise again and try to memorize another song. Then break again. Afterwards, at 4 pm, we start evaluation, from managing row to play 38 songs. I am sorry because I can't tell you any song that will be played, because it will be a surprise during the concert. So do not forget to watch! At 29th of april 2017. After that we rested for maghrib prayers and continued evaluation to 8 pm. At the end of the evaluation, there was an alumni coming that really inspired me to keep practicing. He said,

"If you want to do something without feeling tired, start from love it."

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