Selasa, 18 Oktober 2016

Voice for the World

Hello, there! The theme of this blog is creativity. Yeaay!

Previously, are you know what is creativity? Hmm... for me, creativity is our ability to make something better with our imagination. What about you? 

Actually, I want to present my assignment about peace of the world. My friend and I want to express this assignment in 3D. Crafting is my hobby, so I very enjoyed when make this assignment. If we enjoy in making something, the result can be better.  

This assignment is simple, but very amazing. Do you know what will we do?

Small movement that we can dedicate to world peace is start from ourself determination to reduce waste production.  Material recycling movement that we had at home with almost zero economic value, we turn into a product that has value.  The task of our teacher to voice our world peace creation of materials which initially had almost become garbage, namely old cardboard, sewing thread, a newspaper plus a little dye, markers, and glue. Our work be in the form of three dimensional poster as we offer the following.

You can try it home!  

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